7 Surprising Things Sugar Does to Your Body ...

Sugar, it’s something that we all have a fondness for, it’s something that is in pretty much 90% of foods, and unfortunately it is something that isn’t that good for us! We all know about the obvious things that sugar can do to our bodies, but you probably won’t be surprised to know that there are plenty more affects than just weight gain and raised blood sugar! Here are seven surprising things sugar does to your body.

1. Mood

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Sugar can massively effect your mood on any given day. If you binge and experience a sugar rush, it will then lead to a subsequent crash which starves your brain of the energy and glucose that it needs in order to function properly. This will manifest in the form of low mood, fatigue, and irritability.

2. Ageing

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Sugar can actually accelerate the ageing process in some cases. Research has found that if we don’t get the right balance of foods, and have sugar as the main component of our diets, then the excess sugar will create cellular inflammation and result in a breakdown of the skin.

3. Fitness

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There’s no surprise that too much sugar in a diet can affect your overall fitness. High sugar diets tend to be low in nutritional value, which won’t give you the kinds of energy reserves that you need to live a fully active and exercise filed life.

4. Bad Skin

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As mentioned briefly in the ageing point above, sugar can wreak havoc on your skin if you are susceptible. Too much glucose in your bloodstream causes higher insulin levels, and this can lead to hormonal changes that cause things like redness and acne.

5. Digestive System

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Your digestive system isn’t properly equipped to deal with a high sugar intake on a regular basis. Refined sugar tends to come in foods that are low in fibre and nutrients, which have the potential to cause bloating and inflammation.

6. Yeast Infection

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A high sugar diet can contribute to a higher likelihood of developing a yeast infection. Refined carbohydrates feed candida, which is the thing that flourishes when you have something like thrush.

7. Hunger

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Eating too much sugar can actually be counterproductive, because it often promotes even more hunger in your body. Sugar gets digested quickly which causes spikes in blood sugar, but once that digestion process is finished, you will find that you have a desire to snack once again.

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