7 Sure Tricks to Beating the Sugar Habit ...

Beating the sugar habit is one of the biggest challenges for most people to conquer. For as sweet as cookies, cakes, and pies are, it is not sweet to kick sugar. However, as hard as it is to deny yourself these goodies, beating the sugar habit is well worth the effort. Follow the tips, and you will be on your way to kicking the habit in no time!

1. Slow It down

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You may be motivated to cut sugar out of your diet completely. While this is an admirable goal, just cutting down on the amount you are taking in can have positive effects. Why not start with some simple goals to begin with, and build on those? How about no more sugar in your coffee? Skip the afternoon candy bar? Only have dessert once a week? Any of these will help beating the sugar habit to be that much easier.

2. Agave, Anyone?

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There are some excellent plant-based sweeteners, like agave. This sweet syrupy substance comes from the same plant from which tequila is made. The difference between this and many other sweeteners is that, like sugar, you can bake with this. The flavor closely resembles that of sugar as well.

3. Meet Your Fruit Bowl

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While there are natural sugars in fruits, these are not the refined sugars that many doctors shun. Choose low sugar fruits such as berries for optimal benefit. When you choose the natural sugar treats, the others just don't hold the same appeal after a while. And that's a good thing...

4. Pick up Another Habit

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There are many habits that are actually good for you.Instead of picking up that candy bar, why not pick up a racket? Instead of making that batch of brownies, how about making a nice batch of cherry vanilla granola? Or make a smoothie with some unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, berries, and honey. Choosing the habits that will do the best for you is a great start to kicking the sugar habit.

5. Be Heart Wise

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New studies have shown that reducing your sugar can also reduce your risk of heart disease. Less sugar in your diet can also cut your risk of other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Do your beautiful heart some good, and cut down on the sugar now!

6. Get Moving

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When you do good things for your body, it becomes addictive. Start with taking a walk, a swim, or a dance class, and you will work your way into eating better every day. Sugar may be only the beginning of this too. Once you’ve kicked sugar to the curb, saturated fats and junk foods better watch out - you're coming for them next!

7. Get Some Sleep

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When you hit the middle of the afternoon slump, do you head for the vending machine? One of the best ways to avoid this is to get enough sleep the night before. Sleeping and eating are so linked in our lives.Get to bed early, and not only watch your energy level rise the next day, but watch your sugar intake decrease.

Beating the sugar habit is a tough battle, but one you can win nevertheless. Once you start on the path to decreased sugar intake, your body stops craving those sweet midnight snacks, and you will begin to forget the hold it had on you. What is one way that you decrease sugar intake in your life?

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