Magnesium Rich πŸ’Š Foods to Munch 🍴 for Girls Trying to Supercharge πŸ”‹ Their Health 😷 ...

I want you to finish this article with an understanding of just how important magnesium is to your health. You hear a lot about the major nutrient types (protein, carbs, fats, sugar etc) and vitamins, and a few others like folate, but magnesium doesn’t get put in the spotlight enough. This element is absolutely essential for so many reasons and it’s easy enough to make sure you’re getting a plentiful supply by including magnesium-rich foods in your regular diet.

1. Avocado to Help with Weight Loss

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Magnesium plays a huge role in regulating your blood sugar levels, and a high intake of magnesium has been proven to have a link with your levels of insulin and glucose, which control weight gain and fat within the body. Avocado can also be good for helping to relieve bloating, especially during your menstrual cycle.

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