5. Benefits of Spa Water

- Reduced fatigue

- Reduced muscle fatigue

- Lowered risk of diabetes

- Lowered risk of obesity

- Lowered risk of a cold

- Lowered risk of flu

- Lowered risk of heart disease

- Lowered risk of cancer

- Increased collagen production

- Boosted metabolism

- Feel fuller between meals

- Have more energy

- Reduced cravings

- Suppressed appetite

- Eliminates toxins

- Satisfied sweet tooth

Whether for yourself, your family or your friends, this is a frugal way to be healthy and celebrate. An alternative is to have the spa water in a water bottle or fruit infuser bottle (which can be found for a few dollars on eBay), especially for days when you are on the go. You will feel so much better and not look at drinking water the same ever again!



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