7 Smart Strategies to Help You Fight Carb Cravings ...

One way of eating that has worked best for me is eating low carb and not giving into the carb cravings. It’s taken a long to time to figure out how to fight carb cravings but after a few failed attempts I know I can do it. That’s not to say I don’t still crave French fries and pasta, but now I know how to fight carb cravings off and stick to my low carb diet. I hope my strategy will help you with your low carb weight loss goals too.

1. Get Rid of the Bad Stuff

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If you wonder how to fight carb cravings, but have a pantry full of your favorite sweet snacks and potato chips than I’m not surprised you are having troubles. Whenever I start a low carb diet the first thing I do is trash all the foods that I can’t eat. It’s easier to fight through a craving when you don’t have bad carbs in the house.

2. Keep Quality Carbs on Hand

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Of course after you empty out the bad stuff, you may not have much left inside the house to eat. The next step in how to fight carb cravings is to fill your kitchen with good healthy foods and quality carbs. Stock up whole wheat and fruits when you need a carb snack.

3. Substitute

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Learn to substitute some of your favorite processed carb snacks with healthy alternatives. If you are craving a big bag of crisp potato chips, try eating a handful of roasted almonds. You will get the same crunch and salty taste.

4. Plan Your Snacks

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Another how to fight carb cravings strategy is to plan your snacks. Just as you plan your meals, plan what and when you will eat a snack. That way your mind knows you will be eating soon and you can look forward to your upcoming treat.

5. Reward Yourself Sans Food

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Some people make the mistake of rewarding themselves with a cheat day after a week of good eating. Don’t do that. If you have done well with fighting carb cravings, don’t mess it up by divulging a huge piece of cake. Reward yourself with a new shirt or a manicure. Things like this will last longer and leave you feeling better.

6. Eat Breakfast

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You’ve heard a 100,000 sounds times, yet for some reason many people still skip breakfast. You can help prevent carb cravings just by eating breakfast. Breakfast get your metabolism off to a roaring starts in the morning and is one of the best way to fight carb cravings.

7. Eat Frequently

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If you are still wondering how to fight carb cravings remember to eat frequently. If your body stays full from eating several small meals and snacks throughout the day then you are less likely to have cravings or be hungry enough to eat them.

Once you know how to fight carb cravings following a low carb diet will be a cinch. Let me know how my 7 strategies to help you fight carb cravings has worked for you. Also if you have another tip on how to fight carb cravings please share. In a world filled with potato chips and cake we can use all the help we can get.

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