7 Slimming Ingredients to Add to Your Summer Drinks ...

If you’re looking to trim down for summer, be sure you add plentiful amounts of these slimming ingredients for summer drinks to your diet. There’s nothing better than sipping on something sweet and cool in the summertime, right? Well just like hot drinks can be rich in calories during the winter, cold drinks can also be a calorie culprit in the summer if you’re not careful. Smoothies, cocktails, and anything fruity are often full of sugar, which means empty calories. Instead of drinking your way to weight gain, sip your way to a slender waistline instead. Just replace sugary ingredients for these slimming ingredients for summer drinks, and enjoy the sunshine and a lean waistline at the same time!

1. Stevia

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Whether you’re having lemonade, sweet tea, smoothies, cocktails, or just a morning cup of coffee, stevia is one of the best slimming ingredients for summer drinks (or all drinks) to use. It’s all natural since it comes from an herb, tastes 600 times sweeter than sugar, and it can be used anywhere. I suggest using the 100% pure stevia white powder or the liquid stevia as the best option, and if you're new to stevia, NuNaturals brand makes a product.

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