19 Simple Ways to Amp up Your Diet ...


You’ve been dieting for a while now, and you’re horrified to admit that you’re getting bored, tempted to quit, and you haven’t lost an ounce in what feels like forever. Ah, you’ve hit a plateau! But no worries, my dear. It’s not permanent, and as long as you work out a few ways to amp up your diet, you’ll be back on track, losing pounds and inches, in no time. Here are 19 simple ways to amp up a diet… your diet!

1. Skip the Soda

Whether you’re drinking diet or regular soda, you need to ditch it as one of the best ways to amp up your diet. Why? If you’re drinking regular soda, you need to know every tiny serving is loaded with empty calories and calcium-leaching chemicals. If you’re drinking diet soda, there’s a recent study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio that just proved something shocking. Yes, diet soda is zero-calorie, but people who drink diet soda actually GAIN more weight than people who don’t. And not just a little weight — the average weight gain is 43% more than people who are dieting that cut soda out altogether. Wow!

Boycott Fast Food
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