7 Signs Your Friends Are Making You Fat ...

If you've suddenly put on some extra weight, check for signs your friends are making you fat. Believe it or not, your friends could be reason behind the sudden weight gain. Every friend changes you in some way, including how you eat. If you want to drop those pounds, it's important to learn the signs your friends are making you fat. Once you do, you can take control and get back to your desired weight.

1. They Only Eat Junk Food

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Check to see what your friends eat most often. One of the top signs your friends are making you fat is poor eating habits. Since you hang out often, you'll likely eat much of the same things they do. Somehow, bad eating habits are easier to pick up than healthy ones. Pay attention to what they eat and how it's changed what you're eating. It's easy to go back to healthier choices once you realize what's going on.

2. They Make Fun of Your Weight

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No matter what your original weight was, friends can be cruel. They may not realize their teasing is hurting your feelings. However, you are more likely to eat more simply because you feel insecure. Confront your friends about their teasing and remember it's only your opinion that matters. If they still don't stop, it's time to find new friends who really care about you.

3. They're Obese

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The larger your friends become, the more likely it is you'll gain weight too. It's not the weight itself that's the problem. Over time, a group of friends typically gravitates to an average weight. However, larger weights tend to be more influential than smaller ones. You feel comfortable eating more and adopt unhealthy choices. If you make the choice to change, you might discover the entire group loses weight.

4. They Love to Party

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Parties don't exactly have the best food for maintaining a healthy weight. If your friends are constantly dragging you to one party after another, you'll probably notice yourself weighing more. Instead of eating a real meal, you opt for tons of junk food. Don't be afraid to say no to your friends. Skip a few parties or eat a big, healthy meal before the party. Your friends will understand.

5. They Make You Feel Justified

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We often compare ourselves to others. If your friends weigh more than you, you can easily justify a few extra pounds by saying your friends weigh the same amount. It's not until the weight gain gets out of control that you realize you were wrong. Start by comparing yourself to you and you alone. You don't have to be or look just like your friends. Their weight is their choice and your weight is your choice.

6. They Distract You from Exercising

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When it's time for your workout, do your friends always seem to interrupt somehow? Some friends are notorious for calling, dropping in or making plans right when you need to exercise. You don't want to disappoint them, so you skip your workout. Don't let your friends sabotage your exercise. Instead, ask them to give you some quiet time to work out. Better yet, ask them to join you.

7. They Have Weight Problems

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Do your friends have problems losing weight? When you see them diet or exercise without any real results, it makes you feel like you'll never see results either. You're not exactly like your friend. Their genetic makeup could be the problem, not diet or exercise. You're responsible for your own results. They won't always be the same as your friends'.

Often times, our friends influence us without us realizing it. You don't have to give up your friends. Instead, know the signs so you can regain control of your weight management. Do you think your friends are behind your weight gain?

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