7. Processed Diet Food

For your thyroid’s sake, please give up all those processed diet foods, including premade shakes, soy-based powders, bars and anything else that claims it is a diet food helping you lose weight. These foods almost always contain processed soy, which is your thyroid’s worst enemy. Sure small amounts of it might not be that bad, but you shouldn’t be eating diet foods anyway. They lack nutritional value no matter what the label says and have too many additives to count. Eat real, whole foods, and your thyroid will thrive. You’ll probably also lose more weight this way too!

If you’ve ever had low thyroid function before, or have thyroid issues in general, , I highly recommend reading the book, The Thyroid Diet, which you can find a link to below. It’s a great resource I still turn to today if I start having symptoms that pop back up. Have you ever had thyroid issues before?

Sources: drhyman.com, amazon.com

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