7 Ridiculous Diet Trends to Watch out for ...


The next time you decide to tighten the reins on your diet, avoid many of those ridiculous diet trends out there, no matter how appealing they sound. If it sounds too easy, is temporary or harsh, then most likely it’s the wrong way to lose weight. Most quick-fix diets are harmful and will lead to health problems, plus the weight will most likely return anyhow. Avoid making the mistakes that so many women make and avoid these ridiculous diet trends.

1. The Baby Food Diet

This diet has been made popular by celebrities and is one of the most ridiculous diet trends out there. The diet recommends eating up to 14 jars per day of pureed baby foods in an attempt to shed pounds quickly. For starters, this idea is ludicrous to begin with! It isn't based on a lifestyle approach. I can guarantee you in a week you’ll be so sick of baby food and buying nothing but jars of pureed mush that you’ll be ready to dive into any bag of cookies and chips you can get your hungry little hands on. The Baby Food Diet is devoid of protein and fats. Adults need more protein and fats than babies for a healthy metabolism, and we need it from whole foods as much as possible. We need to be able to chew food to secrete certain nutrients from it, and activate digestive enzymes through the chewing process. Please avoid this ridiculous diet trend which can lead to muscle loss, fatigue, and anemia. You may lose a few pounds but unless you’re willing to eat this way the rest of your life, then you’ll only gain it right back in a few days.

The Red Bull Diet
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