7 Reasons Why Dieting Ruins Your Life ...


You're going to love Ellie's insightful post on the not so positive effects of dieting on your life. Thought provoking and hard hitting, this is one post that will definitely make you think twice. Thanks a ton Ellie!

With summer a mere three months away, it's time for girls and women around the world to whip out their yoga mats and running shoes, and inch their way to the gym or treadmill with a combination of both excitement and dread. But as we all know, exercise is merely one factor in the quest for an enviable beach body. The dreaded «D» word hovers there at the tip of our conscious, to a point where we are left crying over our celery sticks and dreaming of Ben and Jerry. Why is diet such an evil word, and why does it always seem so difficult to maintain? With so many fad diets floating around, it seems inane to kick dieting to the curb and right out of our lives. Yet in order to succeed, that’s exactly what we need to do.

1. There is No Magic Bullet

If you are a living breathing female human being you have tried at least one fad diet in your lifetime. Perhaps more than one, perhaps hundreds, or what seems like thousands. There’s no shame in starting a diet, the fact that you want to get in shape and get healthy are impressive and inspirational goals. The problem therein lies with the very definition of dieting, especially fad dieting. Fad diets as you are well aware often make unbelievable weight loss claims while at the same expecting you to follow through with an unbelievable impossible eating plan. By eliminating entire food groups from your diet and/or severely slashing calories, you will loss weight but how long will you be able to continue with such extreme eating? The answer is probably not very long, a week or two at the most before you’re body caves in from the physical and emotional stress, leaving you more suspect able to weight gain once you resume normal eating. If you are constantly starting and stopping diets than chances are the diet isn’t right for you. If anything the stress on your body is making it harder to loss weight in the long run. Sooner of later you’ll quit and start looking for another magic bullet.

Frankly Diets Suck
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