7 People to Trust for Diet Advice ...

By Jennifer

7 People to Trust for Diet Advice ...

Diet advice can come at you from all sides, but whose advice can you trust, and who should you ignore? If you’ve been getting loads of diet advice from everyone you know, and don’t know who to trust, I can help. Here are my picks for the 7 people to trust for diet advice, each of them uniquely qualified to give you tips, motivation, and inspiration.

1 Your Doctor

Your own personal physician is a great place to start for helpful, sound diet advice. He or she has a vested interest in seeing you fit and healthy, and seeing LESS of you! If you have a question, or need any sort of diet advice, broach the subject with your doctor.

2 UDSA «Plate»

If you’re too timid to ask some of the basic diet and nutrition question, or you just want some general diet advice, check out the free customizable tools at the USDA website, choosemyplate.gov … it will help you figure out how many calories you ought to be consuming each day, and in which food groups.

3 Personal Trainer

If you can afford it, a personal trainer is another excellent source for trusted diet advice. Another plus? They exist solely for making you fit and trim and healthy, and they’ve been trained to make you successful.

4 Celeb Trainers

While I’m still very afraid that Ton Horton (of P90X fame) is trying to kill me, and that I’ll never be good enough for Jillian Michaels, they do indeed give very good diet advice. One look at their gorgeously toned bodies, and you’ll listen to anything they say…

5 Fit Friends and Family

We all have that one friend who is perfectly fit and happy to share her diet and fitness secrets. I’ll bet she’d be delighted to share diet advice with you! If you’re not sure how to broach the subject, start with a specific compliment (like «wow, your arms look so toned») and let the conversation go from there. Don’t forget to bring a notebook! *wink

6 Proven Diet Plans and Planners

There’s a reason Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and Slim Fast are so popular — they work! If you’re looking for diet advice you know you can trust, look to proven diet plans and planners like these. While they’re in it for the money, they also help you create new diet and fitness habits and a long-term healthy lifestyle. Want to go pro all the way? Go one step further and hire a registered dietitian!

7 Us!

Sweetie, we here at AllWomenStalk have you covered with all sorts of diet advice, from choosing healthy snacks to getting great abs to curbing cravings. Use the search box at the top of any of our pages to find exactly what you need to know… and if you don’t see what you need, send us a note and we’ll be happy to find it for you right away!

Now that you know who you can trust for sound diet advice, who will you ask first? What sorts of questions do you have? Remember, if there’s any diet advice we can provide, let us know! Or maybe you have another source of diet advice to share? Do tell!

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