13 Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight That You Should Try ...

With all the loud noise that celebrity diets and new trends can bring, many simpler, overlooked ways to lose weight are often never even considered. Forget measuring, cutting food groups entirely, or doing fancy cleanses to drop weight. You don’t need to spend two hours in a gym to lose the weight either. Check out these 13 overlooked ways to lose weight and make dieting a whole lot simpler instead of making things so complicated. More than likely a diet that is prized this year by Hollywood will be disregarded later as being unhealthy anyway. Do it yourself the right and simple way and get a step ahead of everyone else.

1. Walk

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One of the simplest, most overlooked ways to lose weight that is highly effective is to start a walking program. I make it a habit every morning to walk at a brisk pace (around 4.0 mph) for at least 30-40 minutes. I was always a tad bit overweight in high school and never exercised, yet my sophomore year of college, I simply started walking and dropped pounds in no time. Walking is also great for depression that can contribute to stress and weight gain. Starting out each day with a walk is also a great way to practice active meditation and give you energy for the entire day, without straining your joints as much as running. Be sure to tack on a little weight training too, at least 3 times a week, either with hand weights or with exercises like yoga that use your own body weight. This will help increase lean muscle, which burns fat.

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