13 Nutritionalists 🍽 on Instagram 📱 Taking Our World 🌎 by Storm with Intuitive Eating 🔮 ...

Takeaway: Who are the best nutritionalists on Instagram?

Intuitive eating involves getting tuned in to your hunger cues so that you can stay at a healthy weight and still enjoy eating. These nutritionists are taking the Instagram world by storm and are sharing all of their expertise and knowledge about intuitive eating. If you want to give this a try and get healthy once and for all, any of these great Instagrammers, shared with us by Brit.co, will help you stay on track. Enjoy!

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Kylie Mitchell is a dietitian and blogger who aims to help you feel at ease in your natural body size and with your daily food choices. TBH, any nutritionist that has room on their plate for mac and cheese is A-okay in our book.

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