9 Money-Saving πŸ’° Tricks for when You're Eating 🍽 for One ☝🏼 ...

There's no shame in eating alone. In fact, if you're solo, you can cook whatever you want, whenever you want. That being said, shopping for food can be a bit tricky since there aren't a whole ton of things you can buy in single servings. Fortunately, there are some ways you can save money, eat like a queen and enjoy some time to yourself. Put some dough back in your wallet with these ideas from DailyBurn.com.

1. Browse Bulk Bins at the Store

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Those transparent cases of nuts, seeds and rice aren’t just for granola-loving hippies. Clow recommends hitting up the bulk bins for staple products, which will be cheaper than packaged varieties. You can find rice, grains, dried fruits, flours and premade trail mixes. By using the food scale, you’ll be able to buy the exact amount of quinoa you’ll need for fiesta stuffed poblano peppers. No excess grains, no sweat!

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