Delicious Low Cal Substitutes for when You're Sick of Just Water ...

Do you enjoy staying healthy and hydrated, but have trouble finding low calorie substitutes for water? As much as I love the clean and refreshing feeling of a cold glass of water, sometimes I’m in the mood for something different. There are plenty of ways to stay hydrated! As long as you keep the sugar and artificial sweeteners to a minimum, you have a ton of choices. If you find yourself getting bored when drinking plain old water, try these seven awesome substitutes for water.

1. Tea

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Tea is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for low calorie substitutes for water. Whether it’s green, black, white, red, or even herbal, there are plenty of teas and tea blends to choose from. You can brew it yourself or steep a teabag if you’re in a hurry. Tea is full of antioxidants, which helps fight the free radical damage that leads to premature aging and even some diseases, like cancer. Whichever way you enjoy your tea, it’s an excellent substitute for water.

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