How to Stop Binge and Emotional Eating ...

Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

How to Stop Binge  and Emotional  Eating  ...

Want to know how to stop binge and emotional eating?

When we have negativity in our life, of course, we may grab a whole bag of cookies... like a food addiction. However, some can stop at only one cookie. Those who cannot, treat their bodies to the dopamine created by the whole bag.

What is a way of controlling this food binging? Mindful eating or meditation.

Some compulsive eating is like a drug addiction or shopping addiction.

Interested in hearing further tips? Here's how to stop binge and emotional eating.

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Published on February 2, 2018

There are three categories:

1 Psychological

Anxiety or stress.

2 Chemical


3 Cultural

Places you are from.

Use a journal! Discover your triggers, such as certain friends or restaurants.

Kind of be a mastermind. Are you craving or simply bored?

Oh, what the hell. A small mistake ends up being what the hell and then you ravage. Give yourself positive self-talk.

Be a veggie monster. Don't deprive yourself. Vegetables are "free" foods, So, have them to your heart's content.

Professional help. If you have struggled your whole life, reach out.

Listen to your body! Every person has a different protocol when dealing with the problem.

Keep triggers and temptations out of your house.