How to Detox 🀒 from That Huge Calorie πŸ•πŸŸπŸŽ‚ Bomb πŸ’£ ...

We all find ourselves indulging in a huge calorie bomb once in awhile. Whether it was a family dinner, an office party or one too many pieces of Grandma’s πŸ‘΅ fudge, it happens. The key here is to detox from a poor diet choice and get back on track. Here’s how you do that.

1. Forgive Yourself

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You’re not going to get very far into detoxing from a calorie bomb until you forgive yourself for it. If you don’t, you’re holding yourself back from moving past it. Feeling guilty for a poor diet choice can actually lead to making more poor choices. This’s because you can have a mentality of wondering what it matters if you make a few more poor choices. Forgive yourself and move past it.

2. Realize Weight Loss is a Journey

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We tend to think of weight loss as a straight path but it can actually be more of a winding road with hills and valleys πŸŒ„. It’s a journey and it takes some time. You probably won’t be completely perfect at every step along the way and that’s okay. It’s certainly no reason to give up! Learn to embrace the journey and celebrate each day you stay the course.

3. Get Some Perspective

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Sometimes you just need to get some perspective. You may be beating yourself up over nothing. A treat every now and then is okay. Make sure you’re not classifying an occasional treat as a calorie bomb. A calorie bomb is when you go overboard and inhale hundreds or thousands of needless calories in a day. An occasional treat is just you living life, right?

4. Drink Lots of Water

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After you calorie bomb, you need to hydrate up. This helps in a couple of different ways. It helps you to get back in touch with true hunger signals because we can mistake hunger what’s actually thirst. A glass of water will make the feeling go away that you thought was hunger. Secondly, drinking lots of water after a calorie bomb will help you to flush out toxins and fluids you’re body may be holding onto from any salty treats you may have eaten.

5. Make Your Next Choice a Good One

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The key to true, lasting weight loss is knowing how to shrug off a bad choice and get back on track. Make your very next choice a good one. No waiting until tomorrow or Monday. If you had an entire 12 inch pizza πŸ• for lunch, don’t make it worse by having a burger with large fries πŸ” 🍟for dinner. Choose something healthy and low cal to balance out your calorie bomb.

6. Get Your Workout on

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It’s true that 80% of weight loss occurs in the kitchen and only 20% in the gym. But don’t underestimate the importance of working out. It gives you energy, burns calories and tones your body. Additionally, it discourages you from bad choices. I know that I certainly don’t want to fill my body with junk after an intense workout. Working out can keep you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

7. Research Some Healthier Options

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It’s good to know some healthy options for when you’re craving a treat. Fruit salad or dark chocolate are healthy treats to have on hand to keep you from binging out on the Oreos again. It’s also nice to have some quick and healthy options for nights when you need dinner fast. Pinterest can be a treasure trove when you’re on a quest for recipes that fit the bill. When you’re empowered with knowledge and keep the right foods on hand, your calorie bomb episodes will shrink or even disappear.

8. Eat More Fiber

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High fiber foods will help clear out your gut and get you back on track. That's because it bulks up in your digestive system and helps normalize bowel functions. If you've way overdone it, eat a healthy meal that incorporates plenty of fiber next time you sit down at the table. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber and are low in calories so they can help balance out the damage you did at your last meal. Try raspberries, pears, asparagus or artichokes, which are especially high in fiber.

9. Eat a Little Less for a Couple of Days

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This is as easy as leaving a bite or two on your plate when you have a meal. These leftover bites of food save you calories and can really add up over the course of a couple of days. This will help you get back on track with making healthy choices and can balance out the huge number of calories you inhaled. Don't starve yourself, but really pay attention to your hunger cues. You might find that you can leave behind part of your meal without feeling hungry or deprived. That motivation should spark your progress in no time at all.

10. Get Some Sleep

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Not only are you not tempted to add to your calorie binge while you're sleeping, but you will find that getting adequate rest will help regulate your hunger hormones. That means you'll be better able to make good eating choices the next day. If you had a rough day and totally overdid it, hit the sack a bit early and give your body and mind a chance to recharge and refresh so that you're able to get up tomorrow ready and able to make better eating choices. Plus, who would turn down some extra sleep for any reason?

These’re some tips to help you get back on track after a calorie bomb. What was your last calorie bomb? How did you get back on track?

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