4. I Added Detox on Fasting Days

I started incorporating activated charcoal on fasting days (sometimes Wednesdays, mostly Sundays now) in order to detox. So on IF days, I hydrate a lot, drink ginger lemon tea, take activated charcoal pills, and take time to reflect on things. It's an amazing day to do some Yin yoga to help recover from your beast days and keep your body flexible.

Am I saying this method will work for everyone? No. IF can be good, but it is not for everyone.

Everyone's metabolism is different, and everyone's reactions and hormones are going to react differently. Do your research. I know what worked for me, but only after several weeks of trying different stuff. You have to be willing to test yourself and be a guinea pig. Find what feels good, what works for you. If you're sluggish, and your brain feels like it's in a fog, you're probably not doing it right. Feed yourself - you need food! IF is amazing if you find a way that works for your body and your needs, are able to get in touch with yourself, and burn fat along the way.

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