This is How Soda 🍹 Makes You Gain Weight ⚖️ for Girl Who Just Can't Quit ...


No doubt, we’ve all seen the Coke video that took social media by storm. If that hasn’t convinced you to kick your soda habit, what if you found out that soft drinks can make you pile on the pounds? Many women fail to factor in their liquid calories, but that’s a big mistake because those unaccounted for calories can really make the number on the scale go up. Here’s how soda contributes to weight gain.

1. Soda Has a Ton of Calories

You know that taking in too many calories can cause weight gain, right? A can of soda averages about 150 calories, which really adds up if you drink more than one every day. If you go for the Super Big Gulp, you can probably assume you’re getting about 1,000 extra calories. Switching to water saves you tons of calories and helps you control your weight. What better reason do you need?

There’s a Lot of Sugar in Regular Soda
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