7 High Fat Foods You Should Eat during a Diet ...

Being lectured by my father as a child because I was thin, that some fats are good for you, the healthy kind, I was accustomed to hearing this but not fully understanding until I became an adult. There are some high fat foods that are actually healthy for you. These high fat foods can help maintain your cells, keep you fuller for longer and also boost your immunity. However, so many people aim for a non-fat diet, believing this is the answer to being slim. But slimming down can be more easily achieved by consuming healthy fats. This is in fact just what your body needs. And as a result of consuming these healthy fats, your skin will be clearer, your body leaner and your immune system will be boosted. So check out these high fat foods you should eat during your diet.

1. Eggs

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Most dieters choose egg whites over the whole scrambled egg due to fear of weight gain. Although I totally understand the thought process, this is actually a falsity. Having the whole egg can actually aid your weight loss even more. Even though there is fat in the yolk, this is healthy fat which can aid your weight loss. So enjoy the whole egg with a smile as you better your body nutritionally while slimming down.

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