20 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth ...

Are you trying to lose weight or just cut back on junk food and you’re looking for healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth? You’re in luck; I’ve found 20 yummy and healthier alternatives that you can easily swap as alternatives to sugary sweets and fattening desserts! These substitutes taste great and are much more wholesome for you than their junk food counterparts so let’s make over your pantry and make this summer our healthiest ever!

1. Yogurt

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Yogurt comes in a bunch of different varieties and is definitely a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth! I know yogurt is nothing new but there are tons of flavors that I bet you haven’t tried yet! Yoplait has tons of yogurts in dessert flavors that taste awesome and Chobani has some exotic fruit-on-the-bottom flavors that are amazing! If you’re bored of regular yogurt, try a different variety and add fresh fruit and granola to amp up the flavor!

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