8 Health Foods That Are Bad for Weight Loss ...


As a nutrition specialist, I encounter so many women who work out and attempt to eat right, yet many are actually eating "fake" health foods that are bad for them. How does this happen? Due to false advertisement by the food industry, foods that are terrible for your waistline are being marketed as health foods. How do you avoid this trap? By reading ingredient labels top to bottom and by being a little detective and choosing whole, clean foods without labels, like fruits and vegetables. Most processed foods that have a long list of ingredients or words you can’t pronounce are going to be the worst offenders of all, however, even some foods can appear to be healthy actually aren't. Read on to find my top 8 "fake" health foods that are bad for weight loss, and you in general. Give them a second thought before you toss them in your cart and waste your money.

1. Flavored Yogurt

That new tasty flavor of Greek yogurt you may have just bought is a great example of healthy foods that are bad and terrible for your weight loss. Most major brands in the yogurt industry are popping up with new flavors left and right and consumers are caving in to this false advertisement now faster than ever. Flavored yogurts, even if naturally flavored with real fruits and fruit juices, are loaded with sugar. Yogurt should be bought plain, whether you buy Greek yogurt or regular yogurt. Yogurt should always be bought hormone-free, preferably organic to avoid pesticides, and should be 0% or 2% fat content. Sweeten it yourself with fresh fruit or a little stevia to save on calories and processed sugar. Most often, if you read the label you will find sugar, whether refined or from evaporated cane syrup, fruit juice or artificial sweeteners used as ingredients in flavored yogurts. Put the flavored yogurts away and get creative with the plain stuff.

Frozen Diet Meals
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