9 Funny Ways Diets Are like Dating ...

The more I listened to my friends talk about dieting, the more I realized diets are like dating. If you really think about it, diets are just as frustrating and wonderful as dating. Both are difficult, but they could both turn out great in the end. Take a look at the past few diets you did and dates you went on. It's really hard not to see how much alike the two are.

1. It Won't Always Work out

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The moment you start a new diet or go on a first date, you're excited. You're sure it's going to work out perfectly. It doesn't take long before you're cheating on your diet because you're starving or mister right turns out to be mister anything but right. It's disappointing, but it takes a while to find the right diet or right guy. If for no other reason, this makes dating and dieting just alike.

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