9 Fun Diet-Friendly Yogurt Toppings ...

Most frozen yogurt bars are filled with sugary candies and unhealthy syrups, but there are still some diet-friendly yogurt toppings out there you can choose from. First, it's important to choose no sugar added frozen yogurt since even a small serving of regular frozen yogurt can have well over 20 grams of sugar- more than you’ll find in a Krispy Kreme doughnut or a couple of regular chocolate chip cookies. After you have a healthy yogurt base, try some of these diet-friendly yogurt toppings to complete your treat with little calories and absolutely no added sugar.

1. Sliced Almonds

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Sliced almonds are one of the best diet-friendly yogurt toppings because per tablespoon, they're lower in calories than whole nuts. Plus, sliced almonds are usually free of salt and added sugar and they contain heart-healthy fats. Use just a couple tablespoons for a naturally sweet crunch!

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