8 Foods to Help You Build Lean Muscle ...

What if I told you sculpting lean legs and toned arms could be easier with certain foods to help you build lean muscle? You’re in luck, because there are properties in certain foods that increase how quickly your muscles burn fat to create definition. Building lean muscles does not equal building massive muscles. Lean muscle is all about that toned definition that we all seek in our legs, arms, abs and back. I’m here to tell you that exercise certainly helps, but if your diet isn’t right, no amount of treadmill time will help you. With these 8 foods to help you build lean muscle, your hard work will show itself in no time. The good news is that these foods are also pretty tasty and aren’t processed diet foods found in a box at the store. Start enjoying these foods and watch your waistline show in no time!

1. Salmon

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Fish in general is one of the best foods to help you build lean muscle, but salmon is the king! Salmon has a unique combination of just the right fats, B vitamins, protein and nutrients like magnesium that aid in muscle formation, repair and recovery. Salmon is a great mood food too, which can prevent unhealthy eating habits or feelings of deprivation. Most people notice they generally look and feel leaner when they eat fish, so definitely try incorporating some grilled salmon with a salad, some green beans or some roasted sweet potatoes for a hearty meal that will keep you super lean. Salmon increases lean muscle and burns fat, just by eating it.

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