7 Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy for You ...

There are so many foods that are surprisingly healthy for you! Most people think the below are bad for you or contain bad fats, when in fact that is wrong. The below foods actually contain healthy components, if consumed in moderation! Research some great recipes which include these foods, and indulge! These are the foods that are surprisingly healthy for you ladies!

1. Anchovies

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This is one of those foods that are surprisingly healthy. The salty little fish may seem more of a sodium bomb than a health food, but anchovies come packed with omega-3 fatty acids. This is thought to offer protection against everything from heart disease to depression. Anchovies deliver as many grams of omega-3s as salmon and nearly twice as much as halibut. Of course, few people are going to eat the same serving size of anchovies as they would a piece of salmon, but you can add them to many things to increase your consumption.

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