7 Food Combinations for Weight Loss That Might Surprise You ...

Believe it or not, there are certain food combinations for weight loss that can take your progress from stagnant to stellar in just a few tweaks. Many people approach fitness and weight loss with a textbook strategy, which is exercising every day and eating healthy foods like whole grains, veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, fruit, etc. While this is not necessarily bad for weight loss, it doesn't address an important piece to the whole puzzle. The way you combine certain foods can affect the way the nutrients are absorbed, as well as your blood sugar, which controls your hormones that influence weight loss or gain. Food combining also greatly affects digestion, which is key for losing weight. If something isn't properly broken down in the body, especially in people with digestive issues, it can lead to weight gain quickly, and uncomfortable symptoms like gas, constipation, etc. That can all be fixed with just one simple change to how you eat- food combining. Check out the following food combinations for weight loss and learn why they work. You don’t need to stress about each of these every time you eat, but do keep them in mind. They’re simpler than you think, and can help turn that scale around fast!

1. Protein and Greens

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Eating lean protein and greens together is one of the best food combinations for weight loss of all. Why? First, know that greens are not only an excellent source of fiber that steadies your blood sugar, but they also promote good digestion and contain vitamins like A, C and E, and minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. This gives you a perfect baseline of nutrition, while lean protein, whether plant-based or from animal sources, helps to fill you up and starts your metabolism. Greens take hardly any energy to digest, so your body can focus on using those proteins to digest slowly, building muscle and burning fat. Since no starchy carbs are part of this combination, the body directly goes to fat burning zone, and the greens’ nutrients are absorbed better by the iron in the protein, along with helping to provide an alkaline state for the body. Alkalinity counteracts acidity, which naturally occurs from protein-based foods. Keeping your pH alkaline is important for weight loss. This combination is also excellent for your blood sugar. Eating carbs with protein not only affects your digestion, but also takes lots of energy from the body. Eat your carbs alone, as in the ways described below.

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