9 Fermented Foods to Start Eating Right Away for Better Health and a Better Figure ...

If you're new to fermented foods, I can't wait to share the benefits of these amazing creations by nature that can literally, change your body from the inside out. Fermented foods are foods that have been left to sit for periods of time, or essentially rot. Yet, they don't go bad. Instead over the time period they are left to sit, they actually cultivate or ferment healthy bacteria. They can be made with either an added culture starter, or all own their own through their natural fermentation abilities. Fermentation has been used throughout history to preserve foods, enhance health, and eliminate disease and bad bacteria. Fermented and cultured foods contain probiotics that aid digestion and help to cleanse the body from harmful agents, toxins and pollutants. They are very simple to make and there are billions of healthy bacteria in living, fermented foods. These bacteria help to alkalize the body, and can even help you lose weight because they eliminate toxins and even stored weight from the body over time. Fermented foods are also great for your skin, and can help digest any meal they are eaten with. Add some of these fermented foods to your diet, preferably two or three a day. You'll not only feel better in no time, but your immune system will be stronger, your skin will look clearer, and your figure will even benefit too!

1. Sauerkraut

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One of the oldest fermented foods of all time is the German food, sauerkraut. Soldiers used kraut in times of war, when disease was on the rise and a problem for survival. By simply bottling cabbage, salt and water in a crock or container and letting it sit covered to ferment for a few days, a natural miracle food was born. Sauerkraut is very easy to digest and great for curing any stomach issue. It also helps an acidic stomach by bringing the pH levels back into balance. It is often eaten with meat based meals to aid in digestion of the meats, though I prefer eating it with a huge green salad! It adds a zippy, tangy taste that is incredible, and is rich in probiotics. Be sure to buy a kind without distilled vinegar and that is refrigerated. Many shelf brands contain additives, sugar and preservatives.

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