7 Diet Trends That Will Take over 2015 ...


2015’s biggest diet trends are here! Last year we were gripped by cupcakes, cabbage soup and juicing, and there was a strange nostalgia for the Paleolithic era, too. So what does this year have in store? Some of the biggest food companies have been assessing what they think the biggest diet trends of the year will be, and here are the top runners. Will you be trying any of them?

1. Raw Food Only

Yes, this is a weird as it sounds. It seems the vegan diet isn’t extreme enough for some people, and instead, they’re going to eat just raw food. The most bizarre thing? It sounds like this should be a really easy diet – raw food means no cooking, right? So less equipment, and less cooking time. Wrong. The raw food diet means you’ll need to be juicing, blending, dehydrating, sprouting, cutting and rehydrating. The better news? It’s supposed to be brilliant for upping your vitamin levels, and cutting out processed food is sure to make you feel good for a little while. It’s just a little too hard work for me.

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