7. Deprivation!

Garfield the Cat once said, “Diet is just DIE with a T at the end.” Obviously, he was concerned that a diet would mean he couldn’t indulge in his favorite dish: lasagna. What Garfield doesn’t know is that dieting isn’t about deprivation, it’s about moderation (and simple swaps). Rather than devouring an entire tray of lasagna in one go, he might consider a reasonable portion of vegetarian lasagna, with a side of greens and a whole grain roll.

My Garfield-type temptation is chocolate, so I just indulge in one small square of lush, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate every day, rather than snacking mindlessly on a whole bag of M&M’s as I sit at my computer, typing away.

We’ve just uncovered a whole mess of diet traps, and now they don’t seem nearly so devious and sneaky and diet-destroying, do they? At one time or another, all of these had me trapped, but now that I know they’re there, I’m careful to avoid them and stay on track. Which of these traps has had you stuck? Or is there another diet pitfall we need to avoid? Do tell!

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