4. Avoid High Fat Dairy

Fat free and low fat dairy are actually helpful for weight loss, despite the bad rap dairy gets. Greek yogurt is a healthy food, no matter what anyone tells you, but full fat dairy is not. Full fat dairy is full of animal saturated fats, which are full of cholesterol. Eat saturated fats from coconut oil instead, or coconut in whole form. Itโ€™s cholesterol free and much better for your body.

If you want to gain weight, just add a little full fat dairy to your diet, but be aware, it comes with heart risks and inflammatory risks that make it a food to avoid for many reasons. Fat free and low fat dairy contain whey and casein, which is hard to digest for some people, but for those who can tolerate it, these two forms of protein act as major fat burners in unique ways. Add nonfat Greek yogurt to your diet, or 2%. Other good low fat or fat free dairy options include hormone free cottage cheese and organic skim or 2% milk. A better choice for milk is most definitely almond milk thatโ€™s unsweetened. For only 30 calories, you get the same texture and a great creamy taste with twice the calcium of regular milk.

Add Squats and Pushups
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