9 Diet and Exercise Tips That Will Keep You Lean for Life ...


A good bit of people ask me for the best diet and exercise tips out there, and I’m never hesitant to share. Though I don’t promote dieting, I do promote healthy eating and exercise, which most people end up correlating with dieting. Though I’d like to be able to change the mindset of people from eating healthy to living a vibrant life, instead of eating healthy to diet, I figure I can at least share some healthy tips in the areas of diet and exercise that keep you lean for life, without feeling like a diet at all. These diet and exercise tips are all tips I’d give to my friend, my mom, or anyone else that I truly wanted to help, so I’m giving them to you! I hope they help and hope you find as much freedom in them as I have.

1. No Fried Anything- Period

One of the most obvious, yet most neglected diet and exercise tips of all is to avoid fried foods. People know this, but often cave in to fast food and wonder why they can’t lose weight. Even a little bit is just not good for you, and it’s full of chemicals that slow your metabolism and even age you. It also hinders your exercise performance, a critical part of achieving a healthy and a lean body. Quit eating fried and fast food- period.

No Processed Stuff
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