7 Delicious Holiday Treats under 200 Calories ...

Are you dreaming of holiday treats under 200 calories? I don’t blame you. You shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun stuff just because you’re on a diet or trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Those are good goals but a treat now and then is okay, too. These are holiday treats under 200 calories that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

1. Hot Chocolate with Skim Milk

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There’s nothing like a warm mug of rich, decadent hot chocolate on a cold December day. It makes you feel toasty warm and really hits the spot when you’re craving something chocolaty. If you make hot cocoa with skim milk, you’ll come in under 200 calories. You can even splurge for a bit of whipped cream. This is one of the holiday treats under 200 calories that you can enjoy.

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