9 Critical Tips for a Low Sugar Diet That You Should Follow ...


If you’re considering going on a low sugar diet, either for medical purposes or for weight loss purposes, good for you! A low sugar diet can be a great way to get rid of junk food cravings, prevent or treat diabetes, even out your blood sugar and even relieve acne and depression. The key to implementing a low sugar diet is doing it in a healthy way versus taking a more extreme approach. You should first know that low sugar doesn’t mean no sugar. There are foods that naturally contain sugars that raise blood sugar, while others can help sustain blood sugar, preventing that crash we often suffer from sugary foods. Read these critical tips to learn more about foods you should eat and avoid on a low sugar diet, along with lifestyle changes you should make for the most effectiveness.

1. Have Honest Motivation

Quitting sugar is not easy on a low sugar diet, so you need to be honestly committed to doing this. Sugar sends immediate sensations of happiness throughout the body, yet it is short lived and sends us craving more and more sugar. Dopamine, which is a chemical released into the blood when you eat sugar, sends opiate like signals to our brains that tell us we are calm, happy, and that we need more to keep this so-called “high” we get from sugar, much like a drug does. When going on a low sugar diet, know that it will be hard at first. When implementing a low sugar diet, you need to have honest motivation and take action to avoid getting too hungry or stressed, which can lead to you craving sugar again.Trust me, health feels better than living addicted to sugar tastes!

Ditch the Soda
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