2. Green Lemonade

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Have you had green lemonade yet? Let me introduce you to my favorite morning green drink! I learned about this phenomenal drink from one of my favorite health and nutrition mentors, Natalia Rose. Natalia’s book, Detox for Women, introduced me to green juices five years ago, and I never looked back. I thought juicing was a waste of time until I tried it, and then I was hooked. Green lemonade was the first green drink Rose recommended in her book, and one I’m crazy about now. Sweet, tart, and all natural, green lemonade is a fabulous low sugar, all natural green juice that will jump start your weight loss, lower your blood sugar, and clear your digestive tract. It is basically a green juice made with a head of romaine lettuce or 5 stalks of kale, one lemon, Β½ inch knob of ginger, 1 cucumber, and I like to add in some parsley or cilantro too. I drink this every morning and feel amazing! It’s also a powerhouse of nutrients you can drink, all before breakfast.

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