10 Things 🍩🍕🥓 a Fitness Trainer 🏋🏽 Wouldn't Ever Think about 🚫 Eating ...

As a fitness trainer for well over a decade, if you want to walk the walk and see the results you cannot just talk the talk. You have to eat, breathe, and sleep fitness and health. It has to be something that is ingrained in your mind and what drives your food decisions. A true trainer will not eat certain foods because they are just that bad for you. So let me share my tricks and tips on the foods you should most certainly avoid and the healthy alternatives to a leaner, healthier and happier life!

1. White Bread

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Most nutritionist and trainer know what you should know about white bread! White bread is one of the absolute worst foods you can eat because it is white flour that gets processed as sugar in the body. Skip the unhealthy white bread to save your waistline and better your health and swap this for whole grain bread. Whole grains are complex carbs you will feel full for longer and this will aid your weight loss goals.

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