7 Reasons Not to Diet ...

Have you ever put on your favorite jeans only to discover that you couldn’t button them anymore? As women, we all have moments where we realize that we’ve put on a few pounds and need to make some changes. When you need to lose weight, it is important that you make lifestyle changes instead of going on crash diets which can destroy your health. Here are 7 reasons not to diet.

1. Women Need Curves

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Even if stick thin is popular on the runways, it isn’t always the healthiest body type. Women are naturally curvy because our bodies are created for pregnancy and motherhood. Don’t get too thin or you will lose those feminine curves that drive your man wild!

2. Starvation is Never Healthy

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Too often when a woman decides to diet, she ends up starving herself. Instead of going on a restrictive diet, look at the way you eat during the course of the day. The odds are pretty good that if you replace a couple of candy bars with an apple you will start to look and feel better without having to starve yourself.

3. Exercise Can Burn the Excess Calories

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Getting to the gym or going on a long walk could very well be the only thing you need to get yourself in shape, and looking good in those skinny jeans again.

4. You’re Just Bloated

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Keep in mind that your weight tends to fluctuate causing bloating. This is usually due to hormones. If you cannot get your jeans snapped, give it a few days before you start dieting. Try the jeans again and see if the fit. If they do, you will know that you were just a little bloated. Bloating and a slight weight gain are very common for most girls during PMS.

5. It Will Make You Feel Worse

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Do not try to diet if you are depressed or having a bad day. You won’t be realistic in your goals or expectations which can lead to more emotional devastation in the end.

6. You Only Need a Different Beverage

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There is no need to diet if you are a heavy soda drinker. Try drinking water for a few days and see if you start to shed the extra pound or two that you have been carrying around. Not only will the water help you slim down, but it will also improve the appearance of your skin.

7. You Need to Eat More, Not Less

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Try eating more frequently during the day. For some reason, most of us have the habit of eating three large meals a day. Our bodies are not really designed for that. Instead of eating a huge meal, try splitting it up into several smaller portions that you can enjoy throughout the entire day.

If you are feeling discouraged by some recent weight gain, don’t jump on the diet band wagon just yet. Take a close look at these 7 reasons not to diet and determine if you can take simple steps like drinking water and exercising to make a difference without crash diets. Do you have any simple tips for dropping the bloat and looking thin in a hurry?

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