7 Worthwhile Tips on Preventing New Relationship Weight Gain ...

Looking for some tips to prevent weight gain in a new relationship? There’s this thing called “happy weight” or “love pounds” that some of us put on when we start  dating someone new. This can be a result of slacking off on your workout routine or adopting some of your new partner’s eating habits. Either way, if you’re looking for ways to enjoy being part of a new #relationship without the extra pounds, keep reading for some great tips!

1. Kiss the Cook

One of the most important tips to prevent #weight gain when you’re entering a new relationship is to eat at home and cook together! Cooking is a fun activity that the two of you can do together and it’s so much healthier and cheaper than eating out all the #time! You don’t have to cook gourmet meals, just whip up a dish or two that the two of you like and enjoy each other’s company!