7 Ways to Follow a Vegan Diet without Feeling Deprived ...

Following a vegan diet can be difficult if you are uncertain in just what to do and not sure how to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition.

Are you skimping on iron, protein or Vitamin B12?

And if you are, how can this be resolved?

Before you throw in the towel and consider yourself destined to a lifetime of eating red meat and cheese;

read about the ways you can follow a vegan diet without ever feeling deprived.

You can be a vegan healthily and not feel nutrition deficient, but in order to do so, preparation, knowledge and planning is key!

1. Eat Legumes

As long as you have three servings of legumes every day, you will meet adequate protein requirements.

Without doing so, you will feel deprived and may even lack the long term energy for your workouts.

So make sure you have adequate legumes, like nuts, beans and soy foods!

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