10 Tips on How to Eat and Still Be Losing Weight ...


If you’re suffering through some miserable, deprivation-themed diet, you’re probably desperate to figure out how to eat and lose weight.

There are only so many times you can eat a grapefruit, and celery sticks do not a diet make.

So how can you eat more and still lose weight?

I can help.

Eating smart means you can eat more… here are 10 tips on how to eat and lose weight.

1. Try for Five, Part 1

Wait, what?

You can eat more often than you’re eating now and still lose weight?

It’s true!

Eating smaller meals more often keeps you from being hungry, so you’re a lot less likely to be tempted to make a hunger-induced mistake (like, oh, cheesecake!)… eating more often also means your metabolism will kick into, and stay in, high gear.

2. Try for Five, Part 2

Just like you ought to try for five small meals a day rather than three big meals a day, you should also try for the other five — five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Incorporate these power-packed treats into your five small meals a day, and you’ll reap the benefits of natural sugar energy, antioxidants, and fiber (which makes you feel fuller, longer).

3. Snack Smart!

Snacks are perfectly acceptable, and in fact encouraged, while dieting.

So how do you eat and lose weight if you’re snacking?

Well, remember those five servings fruits and veggies?

You’ll be snacking smart on those, enjoying all the nutrients you need and the fiber (again!) that keeps you feeling full.2

4. Prepare Ahead

All the healthy snack ideas and small, wholesome meal ideas in the world aren’t going to help you if you don’t stock your pantry and fridge with all the goodies you’ll need to make them.

Make a list of all the things you need, and keep them stocked.

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