7 Signs That Your Diet Has Gone Too Far ...


With the start of a New Year, many of us want to lose a few pounds, but are there signs that your diet has gone too far?2

Dieting has to be done carefully and sensibly, or it can put your health at risk and make you feel well below par.

Some people also think that they need to lose more weight than they really do, and keep dieting past the point at which they should stop.

Here are some signs that your diet has gone too far …

1. Losing Weight Too Fast

One of the signs that your diet has gone too far is if your weight loss is happening too fast.

However much weight you need to lose, the sensible approach is to follow the traditional advice, and aim at losing one to two pounds per week.

It takes time to put weight on, so it follows that it will take time to lose it.

Crash diets are ineffective, and can even be dangerous, so take the slow and steady approach.

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