8 Reasons Your Man May Not like You Dieting ...

Reasons to not diet?

Iโ€™m kidding right?

Surely, there canโ€™t be any reasons to not diet, other than to avoid eating disorders?

Most women have been on a diet at some point or another and it can be hard work to shift the pounds.

If you are overweight, losing weight for the sake of your health is a great idea, but dieting just to get into an unrealistically sized outfit could have your man

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Here are the reasons to not diet from your manโ€™s point of view.

1. Curvy Curves Cravings

A lot of men adore curvy women!

When you lose weight, you may lose the shape that your man loves, and though you may worry that your man is scrutinising your #body, he may be more disappointed if you lose the curves that he liked all along.

Be healthy, but remember that men often donโ€™t admire size zero and skinny women as much as we think they do and this is the one of the best reasons not to diet.