7 Irritating Weight Loss Problems - Sorted! ...


What are your biggest weight loss problems?

Have you ever really thought about the reasons you aren’t losing weight?

Diets suck, and we seem to be constantly being told about a new weight loss idea that’s helped celebrities lose stones, or a new health theory that could make the pounds fall away.

Swapping diets all the time can make it very hard to work out exactly what’s going wrong – so here’s the most common weight loss problems, and what you can do about them.

1. Giving up…

It’s far too easy to give up on a diet.3

It could be that a big event pops up just after you decide to start dieting, such as a big meal, that makes you think it’s not the best time to start.

Or it could be that you slip up once, and fall off the bandwagon completely.

Whatever it is, far too many of us give up and get nowhere.

From now on, treat lapses for what they are – temporary.

Forgive yourself and keep going.

As weight loss problems go, this one can be pretty demotivating, but pick yourself up and keep going and you’ll impress yourself with your success.

Being Too Confident…
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