8 Healthy Ways to Get Omega 3 ...


You’ve probably been hearing a lot about omega-3s recently, but you might be wondering what all the good press is about.

It turns out that not all fats are bad for you;

in fact, your body needs omega-3 fatty acids to function properly.

But where can these heart-healthy, cancer-preventing, inflammation-reducing omega-3s be found?

Sure, you could take a supplement, like fish oil pills, but your body absorbs and utilizes omega-3s better if you get them from real food.

What are the best ways to get omega-3 from your diet, and not a pill?

Most are seafood, but a few sources of omega-3s might surprise you.

Here are 8 healthy ways to get omega-3.

1. Flax Seeds

One small serving of flax seeds (in, say, a bowl of oatmeal or in a smoothie) is likely the best source of omega-3s.2

They very low in cholesterol and sodium, but still give you more than a day's worth.

Flax seeds are also an excellent natural source of protein and fiber, making them a must-have in any heart-healthy diet.

2. Walnuts

A serving of walnuts will probably fit in the palm of your hand, but that little snack contains nearly all of the omega-3s you’ll need in an entire day.

They’re also another good source of protein and fiber.

Add them to salads or breads, or simply eat them roasted.

3. Salmon

I’ll bet you’re surprised to see the first seafood source of omega-3s this far down on my list, but it’s true;

salmon contains a little more than half of a day’s worth of the stuff, but it’s not the best source.2

Wild salmon is a healthier choice than farm-raised salmon, but either is ideal for adding to your menu once a week.

I love grilled salmon on top of a spinach salad… because spinach is yet another way to get omega-3.

Double whammy!

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