7 Healthy Snacks for Your Salt Craving ...


Salt cravings can strike at any time, anywhere… and just like sweet cravings, unless you choose the right snack to satisfy it, that salt craving can wreck your diet. But m dear, I can help. As someone who suffers from just as many salt cravings as sweet, I’m something of an experienced healthy snacker. Here are 7 healthy snacks for your salt craving.

1. Almonds

A handful of lightly salted almonds or peanuts is a great way to satisfy salt cravings, without adding too much salt or too many calories to your diet.

Eat them slowly to prolong the joy… and look out for honey-roasted or other calorie-packed or overly sweet varieties.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn is another great snack to get rid of salt cravings without ruining your diet.

Opt for lightly salted and avoid heavily buttered flavors.

I love air-popping popcorn and spraining with salt alternative.

3. Baked Crisps

I have a weakness for potato crisps (or chips) but they’re so fattening!

I cure m salt cravings by opting for the baked version of my favorite chips.

Try Baked Lay’s BBQ — they’re so tasty, and they’ll make your salt cravings go away for sure!

4. Cucumbers with Sea Salt

If it happens to be summer, and cukes are in season, satisfy your salt craving with cold cucumber slices sprinkled with a little sea salt.2

Don’t go overboard on the sea salt… a little bit goes a very long way!

5. Carrots and Fat-free Ranch

Satisfy your salt cravings and your hankering for something crunchy at the same time with a cup of fresh baby carrots dipped in low-fat, low-calorie ranch dressing.

You’ll be getting a very healthy snack, loaded with good-for-you vitamins, while satisfying your desire for salt.

6. Pita and Hummus

Whole-grain pita bread or pita chips, dipped in a little hummus, can definitely cure a salt craving, and even a craving for something rich and savory.2

I love that there are so many varieties of hummus… my favorite is the garlic!

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