7 "Healthy" Items Sabotaging Your Diet ...


There are so many Bad Foods While Dieting, it is hard to keep track.

On the other hand, what about all those foods that we think are healthy, but are really doing more harm than good?

From the labels to the packaging, to the faces behind the campaigns, we are constantly bombarded with so much false info that it’s hard to know whether these items are truly nutritious or if they are really sabotaging our diets.

Here’s a list of 7 of the biggest culprits.

1. Diet Soda

Replacing regular soda with diet soda is not a good thing.2


Anything with the word «soda» in it should be avoided [besides Club Soda (since this is only carbonated water].

Diet sodas are chock-full of artificial ingredients and chemicals that essentially «trick» our bodies’ chemistry into thinking that they are something that they are not.

All of these chemicals are known to be a potential cause for cancer, so why even bother?

2. 100-Calorie Packs

Just because there are only 100 calories in a pack of cookies, does not mean it is healthy!

There are still loads of saturated fats, sugars, artificial preservatives, etc.

that really should be avoided altogether.

Plus, the majority of us won’t eat just 1 pack – they are so dinky and not very satisfying, so what would an extra pack or two hurt…?

Before you indulge, remember that these are definitely considered bad foods while dieting.

3. Gluten-free Baked-goods

Eating gluten-free is all the rage these days, and many people think that by cutting out gluten, they will automatically lose weight.2

Unfortunately this is not true!

Yes, if you stop eating gluten because you have an intolerance, your body will be able to better digest the foods that you do eat.

However, replacing Pound Cake with a slice of Gluten-free Pound Cake will not do you any good!

In fact, it can even be worse because of the additional additives that are added to give it its texture and «authentic» taste.

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