9 Healthy Eating Tips for Teens ...


We could all use a few healthy eating tips, especially with spring break and bikini season right around the corner!2

Weโ€™re all so busy, with school and studying and work and friends, but we all need to eat healthy to stay healthy, so we all need a few healthy eating tips to keep us on track.

Iโ€™ve done some digging, and put together a quick list of ways to eat healthier, even if youโ€™re an on-the-go busy bee.

Here are 9 healthy eating tips for teens.

1. Know a Serving

Quick try this little experiment.

Grab a bowl and a box of cereal, and pour out what you think is one serving.

Now measure it and compare that to what the box says is a serving.

Chances are, you poured out more than twice what a serving is supposed to be!

Learn what actual serving sizes are, and try to stick to them.

Donโ€™t Skip Breakfast
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