7 Fast Foods to Avoid Altogether ...


Fast Foods are bad for us. We know this. They’re loaded with calories, fat, sodium, and more… While everything, including fast foods, are okay in moderation. But once you see this list of the worst of the worst of the fast foods we eat most often, you may never eat fast food again. Here are 7 fast foods to avoid altogether.

1. McDonald’s Angus Bacon & Cheese Value Meal

Calories per meal: 1380

Considering that the average adult woman needs around 2,000 calories a day, and keeping in mind that a medium order of French fries is another 380 calories, and a medium Coke is another 210 calories, this one Value Meal alone is more than half of your daily intake of calories!

Also note that this meal contains a whopping 58 grams of fat… yikes!

No wonder this is on the list of fast foods to avoid entirely!

2. Burger King Triple Whopper

Calories per meal: 1960

All I can say is, wow.

Fast food isn’t good for you, yeah, we know… but this.2

This is ALL of your calories in one meal.

And the fat?

A disgusting, shameful, heart-attack inducing 104 grams.

And this is just for the medium meal.

Don’t ask about the calories and fat in the LARGE size meal.

3. Wendy’s Baconator Double Value Meal

Calories per meal: 1600

While it’s not quite as shockingly bad as the Triple Whopper Value Meal from Burger King, the Baconator meal is still insanely fattening (79 grams of fat) and loaded with calories!

Again, this is just the medium meal… I don’t even want to know how many fat and calories are in the large version!

The problem with most fast foods is that they're so loaded, they hardly allow for moderation in the first place!

4. Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Calories per meal: 1370

Notice the calorie count here doesn’t include French fries or a drink.

That’s right: all of the nearly 1400 calories are in the sandwich alone.

All I can say is, BACON.

Avoid that in the name of your fast food, and you’ll be sure to have at least a couple fewer calories.2

Taco Bell XXL Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito
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