9 Fantastic Diet Apps You'll Love ...

Diet Apps are popping up everywhere, for good reason. If youโ€™re looking for good diet apps, then chances are, youโ€™ve already search the App Store and found about a thousands of them. But which ones are worth downloading for free, or even more importantly, coughing up your hard-earned cash for? I can help! Iโ€™ve downloaded and used dozens of diet apps, some helpful, other horrid. Here are 8 fantastic diet apps youโ€™ll love.

1. Diet & Fitness Tracker by SparkPeople

Diet & Fitness Tracker by SparkPeople

FREE at itunes.apple.com

If you're a SparkPerson, then you already know how marvelously helpful and inspiring the SparkPeople website is.

This free diet app links to your online SparkPeople account, and includes all of the same #things you love on the site.

I especially like the inspirational quote of the day.